A space to collaborate, learn and explore the future.

3fivetwo is a constantly evolving project space and gallery that challenges the limits of what can be achieved at the intersection of the physical and digital worlds. It serves as a dynamic environment for collaboration, learning, and the exploration of the future.

Located at Pier 17 in the historic Seaport neighborhood of Manhattan, New York, 3fivetwo embodies the essence of innovation against the backdrop of the city’s rich maritime heritage. Our space is not just a physical location; it’s a convergence point where the future meets the past, offering a unique blend of cutting-edge technology and timeless surroundings.

The Space

3fivetwo is a visionary fusion of artistry and technology. Our innovative design seamlessly marries form and function, creating an environment that not only stimulates the senses but also challenges the boundaries of what’s possible. Every corner of our space is a canvas for innovation, where cutting-edge technology weaves itself into the fabric of creativity. It’s a place where the physical and digital realms converge, offering an immersive experience that redefines the very essence of a collaborative space.


At 3fivetwo, we offer a dynamic canvas for visionary brands seeking to collaborate and shape their unique vision of the future. Our adaptable environment serves as a powerful platform where innovation meets imagination, and together with our partners, we craft immersive experiences that transcend the ordinary. Here, we fuse cutting-edge technology, artistry, and strategic insight to bring your brand’s vision to life. Whether it’s redefining the future of technology, design, or any other industry, we’re here to be your creative and collaborative hub, turning possibilities into realities.

If you’re a brand that is interested in showcasing your future, reach out to 3fivetwo@howardhughes.com

3fivetwo Project Space

Open Wednesday – Sunday

11am – 4pm

3fivetwo Gallery

Open Daily


Ground Floor, Pier 17

89 South Street

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